Saturday, September 25, 2004
Zimbabwean hypocrisy
This week, Robert Mugabe selected as his representative to the EU-ACP committee a politician who has been banned from entering the EU. Mr Kumbirai Kanagai is Number 22 on a list of 95 Mugabe associates banned by the EU from travel to the EU in its Common Position of 19 February 2004. The Belgian Government consistently seeks to waive this ban on the grounds that the ACP is subject to multilateral agreements conferring privileges and immunities.

It's a complete farce. Rather like the ICB's refusal to ban cricket teams from playing in Zimbabwe, this is another example of international double-standards. If this had been an Apartheid-era South African politician these people would have eaten their own heads rather than let him into the country. It makes me sick.

The situation in Zimbabwe is utterly unacceptable and this minister's entry into Belgium is yet another example of how toothlessly inept and hypocritically flexible the EU is at enforcing their own laws. Kanagai's presence should have served to emphasise the need for nation states to better enforce their own domestic laws, given the EU's proven ineptitude on the matter. The EU-phile's answer to the situation? MORE powers to the EU, even when they've proven hopeless at enforcing what powers they have. Pure idiocy. The UK government should take a firm stand on this issue and take action to resolve the situation in Zimbabwe once and for all.

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