Monday, October 11, 2004
Always shit on the English side of the bridge...
...yes, we were. What an embarrassment Wales were on Saturday; no guts, no flair, no hwyl - Giggs might as well not have been on the pitch. I can take solace in two facts, however: 1) football is a rubbish sport for girls and poofs, and 2) at least Wales's captain isn't a petulant nancy boy.

Euro update: NOTHING WORKS in this god-damned country. The cash machines are always empty; the (French, needless to say) waiters are hopeless - my vegetarian girlfriend had to contend with being given... a PLATE OF CHEESE when she requested a veggie main course in a restaurant the other day; and to top it all my co-worker D and I just had to fill out forms in triplicate to qualify for purchasing a Diet Coke (well, not really, but you get my drift).

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