Wednesday, October 27, 2004
...and whaddya know?
Barroso has postponed the vote on his Commission for a month. Well, it was either that or get voted down, so the poor sod really was stuck between a rock and a hard place. This extra month should give him the time he needs to swap his team around jigger-poker enough support form MEP's to pass them.

Still, this is excellent news for several reasons.

Firstly, it has outraged and upset the Euro-hacks in Brussels, and anything that wipes off the supercilious, condescending smirks from their faces has to be a good thing.

Secondly, it makes the Commission look really stupid at a key time for the EU, with national referenda on the new constitution just around the corner. This really is a complete embarrassment - and by implication it discredits every EU Institution. No-one comes out of this sorry mess looking good.

Thirdly, it will disrupt and delay on-going EU business. Great! It all goes to show why the EU can never work: at a crucial time for EU expansion, when a presentation of unity of purpose is vital, two of the most pro-EU bodies (the Commission and the left-wingers in Parliament) fall out in the most public way imaginable, and put petty political and personal differences ahead of the "common good".

Fellow Eurosceptics and I can afford a good belly laugh at this one.

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