Thursday, October 21, 2004
Iraq nonsense
OK - all this kerfuffle about redeploying British troops in Iraq: I fail to see why the media are kicking up such a fuss. As I see it, the situation stands thus:

1. There is no change to the length of the Black Watch's deployment - they will still be home for Christmas.

2. They're not going to be deployed to Baghdad or Fallujah - they're moving to replace US troops, so that the US forces can be moved to the major combat zones.

3. They're technically under US control already, as are every British unit in Iraq, so it's not as if we're parcelling out our troops willy-nilly.

So why is there a problem? The Black Watch is comprised of gap-toothed inner city Glaswegians anyway - I'm sure they'll be delighted to get away from Basra and have an increased opportunity to get into a fight.

Once again, then, the BBC are using every minor development in Iraq to push their anti-war agenda by blowing everything completely out of proportion and using it to bash the government with. I want my licence fee back.

I discovered this blog through a mention on another site and have been browsing through its archives. What dismayed me about this entry was the typical South of the border racism masquerading as "humour", namely your ignorant and ill-informed comment concerning the Black Watch, the most distinguished of Scottish regiments, cynically deployed in Iraq by TB at a juncture when its future was in doubt. Recruits are drawn from all over Scotland - in fact the regiment's headquarters and museum are situated in Balhousie Castle, Perth, a city which could hardly be more different than the syringe and bottle-shard strewn backstreet stereotype you choose to evoke. I assume you are employed as a "permanent" temporary agent by the political group in question. I find it quite dismal that you display the sheer "bite the hand that feeds you" hypocrisy that you do, dressing it up as the epitome of wit and sophistication (not being bound by the Staff Regulation you can pass on any insider information with impunity whilst drawing a salary and attempting to carve out a reputation for yourself). The rest of us, however, take our principles (and contractual obligations) a little more seriously.
Quick response to this; I've got the utmost respect for the Black Watch - they provided the Directing Staff when I did my TA CIC at Catterick in 1999, and they were top-hole soldiers. I have huge support for the plight of the Scottish regiments, ditto the Welsh, and I can only refer you to the post I will be making next week as far as contracts and carving out careers goes.

And accusing a Welshman of south-of-the-border racism is a little daft.
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