Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Running scared
OK - I think the EU Thought Police are after me. My pass - having as it does a British flag where all others have an EU flag - keeps attracting stares wherever I go in the Parliament. I'm half expecting any day now to feel a heavy Belgian hand on my shoulder, and be dragged off to some back room for an interrogation about my subversive ways.

Bah, I say! I have a petty political point to make and no amount of disapproving German tutting in lifts will stop me. Besides, the EU flag gets flown outside council buildings, etc, in the UK - where it has absolutely no place whatsoever - so I'm going to damned well fly the Union flag here in revenge.

On a more entertaining note, this is quite funny. The EU have deleted Wales! Shock, horror. Thanks to Cennydd for the link.

Love it, keep it up. I will send it to all my EUrealist friends who I know will enjoy it as much as I do.

Down with the EU and all who sail in her (except you dear friend, of course).
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