Saturday, November 27, 2004
Back in Blighty
Have hied myself back to Airstrip One this weekend; I needed a break from Brussels and wanted to see something resembling a landscape again. A quick trip to the blue remembered hills was just what the doctor ordered, although negotiating Waterloo station during Friday evening rush hour reminded me firstly of how much I dislike conurbations, and secondly how overpopulated the South of England is.

With the obvious high points of greenery, fresh air and lack of Belgians set aside, this weekend has had two other notable high points. Firstly, the sport has been great. Wales chalked up an all-time record win (Japan, 98-0), the Scum in White lost to Australia, and the Aussie rugby league team treated us to a virtuoso display as they trounced the British Lions; shame about the result, but an awesome match.

The second great high point of the weekend was that I discovered that I know nothing about the latest series of I'm A Complete Tosser, Punch Me In The Face! or whatever it is called. I hope to return to Brussels without learning the name of a single "contestant".

God, I hate the British tabloid culture; lowest-common-denominator trash designed to appeal to the stupidest elements of the prole psyche. That said, whoever realised that people would be dumb enough to buy into a bunch of ugly chimps singing karaoke, was a genius. It just goes to show there is no underestimating the stupidity of the public en masse (I don't know why I'm surprised; they voted in two Labour landslides, after all.)

Back to Brussels on Monday morning: refreshed, refuelled, ready to continue doing my bit. Tough on federalism; tough on the causes of federalism.

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