Sunday, November 28, 2004
This is a daft message to have to post, but please note that any dull comments will be deleted. Witty, clever, intelligent, funny comments, be they complimentary or rude or whatever are most welcome; however, monosyllabic, agrammatical comments posted by intellectually-limited, teddy-out-of-pram, stroppy Americans called "blazer48", will be removed at once.


you are one weird dude.

can you say something plain and simple?

my god,how can you have a conversation
with anyone talking like that??
who the hell do you think you are??
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yikes..are you serious??
No wonder nobody stops here..
Lighten up !

Believe it or not, it's entirely possible to use words in English that contain polysyllables. Language is a colourful tool, and - to extend the metaphor - you paint a very dull picture if you only use the same few colours.

I appreciate you might not understand some of the posts on here as they contain something called "irony"; that isn't like "goldy" or "bronzy" but with iron - think of irony as sarcasm but more clever. Most of these posts are tongue-in-cheek.

I freely admit that I'm guilty of 1) using words of more than one syllable, and 2) making long posts. In the case of the latter, I appreciate that anything more than a couple of sentences might cause problems for stupid people. I don't think that anyone with half a brain is going to seriously object, though.
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