Monday, December 06, 2004
Yet more bureaucracy
Have just received a scathing email from the Direction Generale de la Presidence Direction de L'information et des Telecommunications(I kid you not). Apparently - Jesu forfend - I have neglected to return the form stating that:

1) I am the 2nd Assistant in my office,
2) I do use the phone,
3) I promise not to tell anyone the Top Secret code that allows me to make international phone calls, even though everyone else in the building has a code, and anyone with half a brain can go into the MEP's office and make international calls without needing to input a code anyway.

The best part of all is that I am listed as "2nd Assistant", and my name is omitted from the form I have to sign. Two of us use my work station; it could be either of us signing without the other's knowledge; and this whole thing is essentially a complete and utter waste of my time and theirs. I can't believe they pay some clown to send this crap out for a living (and, indeed, most likely give them a Baggy Trousers allowance and Big Red Nose tax exemption).

Rest assured, though. I will fax back the requisite form immediately and put this poor person's mind at rest that my secret number is safe with me and in no way written on my phone in pencil because I can never remember it. Not at all.

You are quite cute ain't ya. :p

I must say, excellent job at spreading the pessimism. Great sense of humor and the polysyllabic words are a nice touch ;). Anyway, keep up the writing.
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