Tuesday, January 25, 2005
An e-mail from Polish MEPs
I just received this email from the Polish League of Families; I thought it fairly pertinent, and it's attacking the vile Martin Schulz, so I asked for (and was given) permission to reproduce it in full. There's a wider point to be made here about the way in which the EU plays free-and-easy in the message it sends out: be it perceived Holocaust-revisionism; to surpressing its opponents (see posts passim); or be it exaggerating the EU's role in history (the current propoganda is that it was the EU that ensured peace in Europe since 1945 - nothing to do with the USA or NATO, obviously).

The whole process is redolent of far darker times and I consider it important to flag such things to people's attention. God knows the EU spends millions of euros a year pumping out its own propaganda in order to con voters Europe-wide; it's yet another aspect of the EU juggernaut that terrifies me.


From: ROGALSKI Boguslaw
Sent: 25 January 2005 17:29
Cc: ''
Subject: An appeal to reject a revisionist account of German history

An appeal to reject a revisionist account of German history

The Sixtieth Anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp will be commemorated on January 27, 2005 at the Auschwitz II-Birkenau site. Most members of the European Parliament feel that it is important to remember the past in order to never allow the kind of horrendous acts against humanity that Hitler's Germany committed during World War II. It is a historical fact that Germany, in the name of National Socialism (NAZI), exterminated millions of innocent people of different backgrounds including Jews, Poles, Roma, Slavic peoples, Catholic clergy, and many other nations, peoples, and individuals that were deemed subhuman or useless to the German race in the view of National Socialists.

Martin Schulz, a German member and Chairman of the Socialists in the EP, in his Oral Questions (O-0089/2004,O-0090/2004), commemorates the 60th anniversary of the opening of the gates of Auschwitz extermination camp on 27 January 1945 and asks the Council and the Commission of how aware they are of the fact that the fight with Anti-Semitism and Racism is not over. His resolution (B6-0069/2005), however, gives a revisionist account of the very history which we are commemorating. Namely, his resolution contains such misleading statements such as "the sixtieth anniversary of the opening of the gates of the Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland." Perhaps, like other misguided revisionist historians, Mr. Schulz is trying to rewrite history and shift the blame from Germany for the annihilation of the Central European Jewish population to some unspecified NAZIs. There is no trace, in his resolution, that it was the German III Reich, German National Socialists (NAZIs), or Hitler's Germany that built the camps and exterminated innocent human beings.

We pose new questions to our colleagues in this Parliament in this debate:

Why is it that 60 years after the fact, some members of this Parliament want to give a false account of the Holocaust and ignore the fact that many nations and groups of people were murdered alongside their Jewish neighbours, that it was in fact, National Socialist Germany that committed these great crimes against humanity and not some "extermination camp in Poland"?

The joint resolution that will be voted on January 27, unfortunately, was construed to leave the same revisionism that was drafted by the Socialists. Namely, the fact, that it was a German death camp, was omitted.

We urge you to vote against the joint resolution and to vote for the resolution, by IND/DEM, which concisely depicts the true historical account of these tragic moments in European Twentieth Century history.

Polish Delegation - IND/DEM

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