Thursday, January 06, 2005
Happy New Year
Am back in Brussels. Yay.

It's only a five minute walk from my flat to the Parliament; I must say, however, that the local Belgian dog-walkers have surpassed themselves this morning. Quite how they managed to achieve such a thick, even and widespread layer of dog shit on the pavement all the way from my front door to the small park outside Parliament, I don't know. Impressive work (not to mention providing a handy simile when talking about the EU - i.e. "the EU is about as effective and efficient as a Brussels pavement cleaner").

Tough as I am on Belgium - not to mention the causes of Belgium - I have to say that they do whup our backsides on health care. I had some weird, alcohol-related allergic reaction before Christmas (much facial redness, lack of breathing. All rather irritating), which necessitated a visit to hospital. Thirty seconds after arrival at A&E, I was whisked into a cubicle, given a couple of shots, and was right as rain within an hour. The nurses were unrushed and attentive, the doctor was polite and spoke better English than the last doctor I saw in the UK, and the hospital was clean and tidy. I was happy to pay. When, O when, are we going to realise the folly of having an NHS and give our country the private healthcare system it deserves?

I have been roped into next week's Strasbourg debacle. Am not too fussed, as it should be rather a laugh - the Parliament is voting on the Méndez de Vigo-Corbett Report. This is a report by two MEPs on the new Constitution, which turned out wholly in favour of it and was - shock, horror - adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee by 20 votes to three, with three abstentions. Incidentally, Richard Corbett is a member of the Party of European Socialists (i.e. a Labour MEP) and is one of the most vile, treasonous federasts in the whole Parliament.

The text concludes that "the Constitution is, globally, a good compromise and a vast improvement on the existing treaties which will, once implemented, bring about visible benefits for citizens". The committee's report will now be forwarded for discussion by all MEPs in the January plenary session. It is certain to be adopted by the overwhelmingly pro-integration Parliament; a huge fete is being planned in celebration of the inevitable "Yes" vote. Various protests and objections are being planned by Eurosceptics of different parties, and I am very much looking forward to getting involved in these.

It should be enormous fun winding up the people who are signing away our sovereignty and nationhood without so much as a by-your-leave, but one should not lose sight of the enormous implications of this move, when coupled with the recent statements by many new Commissioners that they will act "in the spirit of the Constitution". without so much as a single referendum result in, the EU establishment is implementing the new Constitution by stealth. The political elite of Europe are bypassing democracy, regardless of the wishes of their citizens, in order to further their own political aims. It sums up the arrogance of the EU Empire Builders, and is a complete travesty of democracy. And yet, not a whisper in the British press.

One can't help but fear the battle for nationhood and sovereignty is lost, with such an overwhelmingly pro-EU consensus amongst the political elite, and such widespread public apathy on the subject.

What the heck is the spirit of the Treaty, anyway? I mean, I know what it is, but my idea probably - no, definitely - wouldn't match theirs.


I think you'll find it's semantically-null Eurocrat-speak which essentially translates as, "We're going to implement the goddamned constitution whether people vote for it or not, matey".
They've spent €340 000 on the report, and have invited 100 pro-constitution journalists along and giving them €1000 expenses....what do you think the spirit of the consitution is!
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