Tuesday, January 11, 2005
January Strasbourg, Part One
To borrow a line from Blackadder, I'm happier than a Frenchman who has just invented a pair of self-removing trousers. Tomorrow is the vote on the Méndez de Vigo-Corbett report on the Constitution. Last night and all of today have been a whirlwind of organising publicity stunts and minority reports; co-ordinating and liaising with MEP's; and generally fizzing around the Strasbourg building like a blue-arsed fly. It has been firstly enormous fun, but secondly, and more importantly, I'm actively involved in opposing "this fucking Constitution" (a Polish MEP, to me, earlier) - something about which I care passionately.

Were the referenda Europe-wide to support the Constitution - were unparalleled, unprecented, emphatic "Yes" votes to wing their way from the four corners of the continent, ringing democratic endorsements of the document from all twenty-five nations; then, I would accept the Constitution with a heavy heart, as the will of the people. Instead, what we are facing is an undemocratic farce; the Constitution is being voted through by MEP's and implemented by Commissioners and the European Court of Justice without so much as a single referendum ballot being cast in any country, let alone the Treaty itself being ratified by the governments of nation states. It's unfair; it's undemocratic; it is wrong, plain and simple.

That's why I'm so fired up and full of energy, with a spring in my step and a gleam in my eye - in spite of lack of sleep and a mild hangover (last night's evening meal was technically-speaking a working dinner, but soon degenerated into cigars and port). I'm getting an opportunity to make my voice heard in protest against something that I believe will be a mortal blow to my country's independence, democracy and sovereignty. This opportunity is something that most UK citizens are being denied by the EU - and I intend to take full advantage. The protest will be small, and almost certainly will be meaningless in the long run - the vote will still pass. But at least we can use our voices before it's too late - and if we irritate the bastards that are doing this to our country, and ruin their self-congratulatory little party in the meantime? All the better.

Are you convinced the minority report is in any way a suitable comeback against the might that is this Bisto Parliament?

I hope it makes more sense that Kirkhope's speech to Parliament yesterday....
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