Thursday, January 06, 2005
We in our office are trying to get a poster we've produced blown up to A2 size. Not hard, you'd think...

You take the original A4-size poster to the copy shop, you say, "Fifty prints on A2 size, please, Johnny Belgian". Poirot takes the original, and the next day he hands you back fifty prints in the size you requested, in exchange for a fistful of grubby euros.

Or so one would think... Instead, the following conversation ensues:

"Hello, I'd like this A4 poster blown up to A2 size, please."
"We don't have A2 in Belgium."
"Are you sure? It's a very common size."
"We don't do it."
"Can you recommend anywhere that might be able to do this for us?"

Belgian customer service in microcosm.

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