Friday, January 14, 2005
So this is the pro-Europeans' secret plan!

"All the member states must ratify the constitution for it to come into effect, and several, including eurosceptic Britain, will hold referendums on it over the next two years. Veteran pro-Europe MEP and co-president of the Green party in parliament Daniel Cohn-Bendit said:

'Blair will do his referendum last. Twenty-four countries will have ratified it. Blair, when it comes to England's turn, will tell them: listen, it's very simple; either we say yes or we get out. And he wins with 70%.'"

Its hardly a secret. TB obviously postponed ours till last for this reason.

There is one other reason. A UK No could trigger negative responses in several other countries, where voters don't want to stand alone.

Of course, if TB says Yes or Go, then he might get a very nasty suprise.
Actually, I was being ironic about the "secret" part of things; that's obvious. I posted this as it's unusual for a pro-EU supporter to speak out in such an honest and forthright (not to mention arrogant, but that's hardly uncommon) manner.
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